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DQR (Digital Quantitative Research) is building the foundations of a more inclusive economy and aims to empower people through blockchain technology. We do this by providing education and research, a transparent trading platform and humanitarian support through our companies DQR-Academy, DQR-X and DQR-Give respectively. The companies work independently, but also in strong collaboration to achieve the vision of the Group.

CEO DQR Dr. Kristian Haehndel

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Dr. Kristian Haehndel

Our story is rooted in our founders meeting one another while working for a large automotive manufacturer. Sometime in 2013, they gained an interest in bitcoin and cryptocurrency, with some of their friends going on and founding Genesis Mining, a pioneering bitcoin mining company. Within three years, these group of friends would found DQR in 2016 in partnership with Genesis Mining.

The name DQR, which stands for Digital Quantitative Research, was chosen for how it reflects the three key areas of the business and for how its pronunciation as an acronym would sound like “The Cure.” Through our services, we make crypto accessible, comprehensible, and generous.

Giving Back

From the first day of this business, our goal has been to give back to the community. We have since developed an index tracking methodology and set up a cryptocurrency exchange to empower people around the world by giving them back control over their finances. Furthermore, the decentralized and transparent nature of blockchain technology motivated our founders to apply these characteristics to a philanthropic organization, which led to the birth of DQR-Give, a non-profit organisation that takes profits from DQR and from the donations of both DQR members and non-members to support charitable projects.

Our Mission

Making Crypto Accessible

With the help of our experts, you will learn how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies securely and efficiently. Maximize your profit and learn how to spot opportunities. Reach your goals on our user-friendly platform.

Making Crypto Generous

DQR-Give is a blockchain foundation which allows individuals to propose projects to help create a better world. Such projects will then be vetted and funded through a percentage of profits from DQR. Allocation of funds will be done through a voting system and monitored step-by-step from inception through to completion

Making Crypto Comprehensible

We provide financial research and education on cryptocurrencies with the goal of helping people to learn, understand, and use cryptocurrencies while striving to extend their functionality and potential applications.

Our Vision


To inspire a social, economic, and ecological revolution.


To reach and hold those who do not have a voice.


To provide the less fortunate with an infrastructure that can allow them to be self-sufficient and participate in a global economy.


To expose the world to a new economic model of business, where the community interests are the central motivation and not maximizing profits for shareholders.


To provide the unbanked with traditional financial services.


To raise the consciousness of global citizens toward using the tools of blockchain technology for good.


To leave a legacy of purity, awareness, and selflessness.


To inspire a social, economic, and ecological revolution.


To change the world and rebalance unjustified inequality.


DQR is led by early adopters and enthusiasts who have become experts in cryptocurrency and in their respective fields. They came together to form DQR, hoping to make it accessible, generous and comprehensible.They are leading the charge toward a crypto-empowered world.

DQR Academy

DQR-Academy aims to educate the population at large on the benefits of blockchain. This will be achieved through online tutorials that are designed to explain what has brought about this revolution in the financial industry.


DQR-Give is ultimately the fulcrum and the starting point of the whole initiative – to build a fully-fledged blockchain charity utilizing a decentralized, autonomous organization (DAO) framework where we encourage the community to decide where and for what resources should be channeled


DQR invites everyone who shares their vision to join us in creating a crypto-empowered world. Join us and learn more about blockchain and cryptocurrency as we grow together.