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The heart of the project – the giving back to the world aspect – is found in the DQR-Give project.

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DQR-Give Vision

To save lives, to alleviate suffering caused by economic and ecological imbalances, to empower those less fortunate and provide them a voice, to elevate the overall blockchain consciousness and awareness and inspire a social revolution.

DQR-Give Mission

At the heart of the DQR-Group is a core mission: to deliver a crypto-financial ecosystem with society’s interests as a key performance indicator. At DQR, success is measured not by the maximisation of profits but rather by the quantity of lives touched and the systematic improvements of well-being to those less fortunate. DQR-Give is no ordinary foundation but a social movement, uniting the best of eastern philosophies with the best of western knowledge. Through DQR-Give, blockchain and cryptocurrencies can be used as a tool to liberate those who have been socially, economically or politically excluded from a system of centralised control. Instead of asking for donation, DQR-Give aims to provide a platform in which resources and control can be returned back to the community, providing a voice to those less fortunate and the means of change.

DQR-Give Principles

DQR-Give follows the core principles of humanitarian aid:

  1. To respond to human suffering as a core duty, irrelevant of whatever type, jurisdiction, or form.
  2. Support impartiality, in which no discrimination of race, religion, gender, nationality, class or political view is conducted.
  3. Platform neutrality, in which no sides are taken, all are treated equal even in geopolitical conflict zones.
  4. Financial independence, whereby humanitarian aid serves no economic, political or military goals, other than making a difference for those in need.

With the above principles forming the governance of the foundation, DQR-Give will utilise a decentralised blockchain framework in which neutrality and impartiality can be directly enforced and reviewed. The response of human suffering is put back in the hands of those in need, empowering disadvantaged people to have a voice and take action. In addition, financial independence of the foundation can be achieved via the blockchain social entrepreneurship aspirations of DQR-Group in which each subsidiary company provides autonomous active financial support to the foundation. The decisions on funding allocation of projects is returned to the community vote, removing administrators and even DQR-Group from centralised control.