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As an early bitcoin enthusiast, Dr. Kristian Haehndel was driven by two essential ideas when he founded DQR. His motivation was the knowledge that two important factors could be successfully incorporated into blockchain — revolutionary technology and a means of building a more inclusive economy. Dr. Haehndel’s passion for cryptocurrencies stems from his dream of reaching people who currently do not have access to financial services and his hopes of starting a social, economic, and ecological revolution. His expertise spans a range of sectors, from mechanical engineering to altcoin and bitcoin mining and trading. Dr. Haehndel is an honours graduate of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Mechanical Engineering.



Head of Research & Co-Founder

Dr. Anthony Jefferies has been an active participant in distributed computing projects since 1999. Dr. Jefferies is an early bitcoin investor and has experience in altcoin mining over the last several years. This background makes him one of DQR’s strongest assets toward building the foundations of a more inclusive economy. Dr. Jefferies received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and prior to founding DQR, he spent 10 years carrying out thermal fluid dynamics calculations for major German automobile manufacturers.


Head of Blockchain Research & Co-Founder

Dr. Torsten Frank became interested in cryptocurrency in 2014 when he became an early Bitcoin investor. At the same time, he continued to pursue his activities as a conventional markets trader. These early experiences led Dr. Frank to seek ways of making traditional financial services available to the unbanked citizens of the world. Dr. Frank received his Ph.D. in Astro-Particle and Low-Temperature Physics and was previously involved in a research project at Oxford University. His background spans Thermodynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, and Algorithmic Trading.



As a mathematician and early bitcoin investor, Marco Streng co-founded and led Genesis-Mining in 2013. Since then he has become an impassioned advocate for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Prior to his involvement with DQR, Marco became a pioneer in the bitcoin mining community and his experience of blockchain and cryptocurrencies make him an invaluable strategic partner.


Genesis-Mining Co-Founder

Before dedicating his career to blockchain technology, Dr. Marco Krohn’s background was in the field of credit research and quantitative structure for a major European Investment Bank. He holds degrees in Economics, Mathematics and Physics, and a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics. Currently, Dr. Krohn is the Co-founder of Genesis-Mining, the world’s leading cryptocurrency mining hashpower provider, and DQR’s strong strategic partner.



Chief Risk Officer

Bjoern Arzt is a lawyer with 10 years’ experience in structuring asset-backed securities and fund structures for a major European Investment Bank. His passion for cryptocurrency started in 2012 when he started helping Genesis-Mining to build their mining activities. Bjoern consequently developed a strong knowledge of the mechanics and economics of cryptocurrency mining and this led him to become managing partner of a blockchain and cryptocurrency investment fund.


Chief Investment Officer

Prior to joining DQR as Chief Investment Officer, Knut Fehling acquired a robust experience in market risk analysis and credit research. He spent 6 years working on pricing and valuation topics for interest rates and FX derivatives in the current negative interest rates environment for a major European Investment Bank. After working in portfolio management and structuring deals in project finance, Knut gained profound knowledge in market strategies and trading.


Chief Financial Officer

Benjamin Carlotti has a wealth of experience in finance, occupying the roles of financial adviser and chief financial officer in various companies over the last ten years. In those positions, he raised funds and closed deals for multiple organizations in various industries. He also has much experience working within Malta as he co-found and led a Maltese government-licensed B2B Fantasy operator from 2012-2018. Benjamin holds a Master’s Degree in Finance from Georgetown University’s Sports Industry Management Master’s Program.

Luke Wallace

Chief Technology Officer

Luke Wallace has been a professional consultant for over 15 years with experience handling businesses at all stages of development. He has worked in various industries often involving himself in systems and project implementation. His work with banks and finance systems makes him invaluable as DQR’s Chief Technology Officer. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Economics, Accounting/Computer Systems/Microeconomics from The University of Queensland.

Kevin Norville

Director of People

Kevin Norville is a seasoned Human Resource Professional with extensive experience in fast-paced environments. His passions include developing organisations through strengthening leadership behaviour and optimising organisational efficiency. As DQR’s Director of People, he aims to deliver service that goes beyond organisational expectations. He is a great communicator and is well-versed in developing growth initiatives in all core HR functions. Kevin earned his MBA in International Business from George Washington University.

Valery Bollier

Chief Marketing Officer

Valery Bollier is a digital entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience in different areas including Marketing and Communication. He has led different organizations as head and marketing director and has worked in Malta for more than fourteen years. He also co-found and led a Malta government-licensed B2B Fantasy operator with DQR CFO Benjamin Carlotti. Valery has earned a Master’s degree in Management from Université Paris Dauphine and an Executive MBA from the HEC School of Management.