DQR was co-founded by Genesis Mining

Malta, 7th September 2018  DQRan ambitious blockchain services conglomerate has launched its own cryptocurrency exchange, aiming to become the leading platform in Europe.

Based on an award-winning trading infrastructure, DQR-X was created in an effort to rectify a number of issues that plague the nascent crypto industry. These issues include low liquidity, lack of privacy, a weak infrastructure, and poor customer service, among others. To be sure that the customers’ experience on DQR-X will be flawless, its features and functionalities will be deployed gradually and with 24/7 customer support service.

Located in Malta, a team behind the product – crypto pioneers, experienced senior executives from conventional finance and other new industries – wants to ensure a high-level of liquidity while providing a secure environment to attract institutional and retail clients, rather than speculators. Additionally, DQR is working closely with Maltese and other EU regulators to make its product Europe’s first regulated crypto exchange.

Officially launched in April 2018, with the support of the Maltese government, DQR has invested substantial funds in operations in Malta to deliver the highest standards in software architecture, compliance, customer support, and brokerage systems.

‘’Launching a state-of-the-art crypto exchange is just a first step in our mission,’’ revealed Dr Kristian Haehndel, co-founder and CEO at DQR. ‘’We want to empower people through blockchain technology. Instead of just maximising profit, we are promoting a different classification of business that is driven by making a positive impact on the world. Thus, we will funnel a certain percentage of all our trading fees to the blockchain-based humanitarian foundation called DQR-Give, which will allow individuals to propose projects to help others improve their lives. We’re also preparing to launch an education platform, DQR-Academy, which will aim to educate the population at large on the benefits of blockchain.’’

Apart from Dr Haehndel, DQR was founded by other prominent names from the crypto world, including Genesis Mining co-founders Marco Streng and Dr Marco Krohn. Genesis Mining is the largest cloud mining company in the market with more than two million customers worldwide.

‘’We at Genesis Mining are very excited to be part of DQR’s future as I believe we definitely needed a complete crypto platform focused on the European market,’’ comments Dr Krohn. ‘’Just as we have earned our customers’ trust and respect, DQR-X has great potential to follow in the same footsteps.’’

In time, DQR’s offer will evolve by adding more innovative products that provide value to customers, including over-the-counter (OTC) crypto trading. DQR aims to further expand its operations in other sectors such as crypto banking, crypto insurance and property.

About DQR

DQR, co-founded by Genesis Mining, is building the foundations of a more inclusive economy and aims to empower people through blockchain technology by making cryptocurrencies and the wider applications of blockchain technology accessible, comprehensible, and generous. DQR is developing four companies: DQR-Academy (an online platform focused on research and education), DQR-X (a European-based cryptocurrency exchange), DQR-Give (a blockchain-based foundation for humanitarian support), and DQR-OTC (OTC solution for institutional investors and wealth managers to start engaging with cryptocurrency).

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