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  • Tracking Relief Supplies With Blockchain

    Donations from private individuals and companies to charities, NGOs, and relief agencies are given in good faith that the necessary supplies will arrive as planned, but is that always the case? For years, the media has reported on entire shipments of food and supplies, meant for refugees or the survivors of drought, natural disaster or […]

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  • Emergency Medical Care and Blockchain Apps

    Medical care in emergency situations is stressful enough. However, not being able to access your medical history or share that essential information, or dealing with a language barrier can make seeking medical care unbearable. Programs and apps that have been designed for use in ‘normal’ emergency settings as they unfold in a day-to-day life – […]

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  • DAO Acceptance

    This is an exciting time for those who are planning to include DAO in their business structure, but we are also witnessing a fair level of caution. It is important to be aware that things do not always unfold as smoothly as envisioned by the creators of tech solutions. This report will examine some of the […]

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  • Connecting Blockchain and Humanitarian Aid

    Humanitarian aid has a specific goal in most cases – ongoing support and an improvement in the quality of life of those in need. Blockchain use has proven to be increasingly successful in the last few years among charities and Non-Government Organisations who provide ongoing humanitarian aid. By employing a strategy that is ‘disruptive’ or which […]

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  • Blockchain and Mobile Phones in Emergency Relief

    As the number of humanitarian, emergency, or natural disaster crises continues to rise each year, a great strain has been placed on the aid agencies who are both first-responders and follow-up assistance. The ability to connect with aid agencies, emergency services, medical help, and reconnect with family members is essential, and having an early-warning system […]

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  • Growing The Links Between Humanitarian Relief and Blockchain

    Deborah Harmes, Ph.D. NOREPS – the Norwegian Emergency Preparedness System – has been a strong cheerleader for the use of blockchain technology in humanitarian relief. As an early adopter with a proven history of this use, NOREPS held a 36-hour-long hackathon, jointly hosted in Oslo and Trondheim, that focused on providing a secure digital identity for […]

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  • Facial Recognition From Multiple Sources

    Deborah Harmes, Ph.D. Whether it is on new cameras or incorporated into software built atop the blockchain platform, new solutions – or potential intrusions – with facial recognition continue to arrive with increasing regularity. The newest ‘smart camera’ technology has created cameras with an accuracy of 99.7% in their ability to correctly identify people’s faces. Cloud-based […]

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  • Making A Difference With DASH

    Deborah Harmes, Ph.D. One of the more popular cryptocurrencies — and one which seems to consistently and comfortably sit within the top 12 value-wise – is DASH. Noting that the transaction times for Bitcoin continued to be slower and slower, a flaw that disallowed its use as a means of paying for purchases in real time, […]

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  • General Data Protection Regulations and Blockchain

    Deborah Harmes, Ph.D. Recent revelations about data harvesting that companies such as Facebook have engaged in – data that is then sold on to other parties for billions of dollars each year – has prompted the European Union (EU) to make efforts in creating a more secure digital environment for consumers. General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) was […]

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