Euro Cryptocurrency Trading
Platforms and Services

Multiple cryptocurrency trading platforms, crypto-asset backend tokens, off-exchange, algorithmic execution services and advisory services.


At DQR Trading, you will have exclusive access to multiple cryptocurrency trading platforms, crypto-asset backed tokens, off-exchange, algorithmic execution services and advisory services.

Cryptocurrency Over The Counter

DQR OTC is our reliable and efficient over-the-counter (OTC) trading platform for institutional investors and wealth managers. Through our turnkey, intuitive and secure platform, investors and wealth managers can safely engage with cryptocurrencies with the help of our client executives and services team.

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The Next Generation Trading Platform

DQR-X aims to be a new standard of exchange by being transparent and having the highest level of compliance. We are your best choice because our security experts ensure that our platform is safe and reliable.

DQR-X also sets itself apart by offering Euro-cryptocurrency pairs. This is an option that a lot of first time and experienced traders want to explore, and we are proud to say that you can do that here.

Trading on X Exchange will make you feel at ease and guided. Your experience with our innovative platform is our top priority, You can make market, limit or stop orders at your convenience using our beautifully designed user interface. We also have live support and detailed step-by-step tutorials that will help you understand the process, executives and services team.

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DQR 30

Finding it hard to track and choose from all the different cryptocurrencies? DQR 30 provides you with an easy and safe way to invest in a diversified set of cryptocurrencies with a fee of only 1% per annum. It consists of two products: an index and a token.

The DQR 30 index tracks 30 of the top-performing cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cardona. This minimizes your risk and maximizes your earnings as it ensures a diversified position.

The DQR 30 token follows ERC20 standards and is built on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring security and ease of trading.

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